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Dll Orphans 1.0

Dll Orphans is a useful utility to remove the DLL files entries in the registry
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Camtech 2000

Dll Orphans is a powerful utility to remove the DLL files entries in the registry left by installed programs during uninstallation. Dll Orphans does not delete the DLL file making it possible to retrieve the registry entry in case of any erroneous removal. This utility has been designed to be simple to the user with easy to use interface though the complexity in the functionality of the program demands skill and expert knowledge in ensuring seamless execution.

Dll Orphans provides a list of DLL files along with its usage on the click of the scan button. Post scan, a summary of information on the status bar provides the number of dll files, entries with missing files and entries with usage count as 0. The entries with missing files are automatically selected and the user can proceed to delete them. Considering the sensitivity of the operation, a backup of the registry is provided for every registry entry of DLL removed to ensure recovery in case of any failure in the operation. Expert users have the provision to select the files from the listed DLL files for deletion depending on their knowledge and discretion. Rescan can be done to ensure that the entries with missing files are 0 to ascertain the success of the operation.

Manoj Goel
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  • Easy to use Simple interface
  • Automatic selection of entries with missing files
  • Backup of Registry for restoration
  • Simple restoration process
  • Supports popular Windows Operating systems from Windows 95


  • Prompt to save registry for each entry marked for deletion
  • Lack of support to Windows Vista
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